paper mouse

PaperMouse is a funny kid game, The controls to this game are pretty simple – just hit mouses / masters.

There are several weapon of this game, you can hit flying bird to get a new weapon, each weapon has its own power.

In the game, when you meet mouses/masters, you must hit them to get points, otherwise you will lose your hearts.
If you meet a rabbit, you should not hit it, otherwise you will lose all of your hearts.
You can get one heart for bonus for each 100 points. After losing 3 hearts, the game is over.

Besides, you can choice your own picture for the master that it will appear with the picture you selected.

Stop losing hearts that the game will not reach the end. It’s better the your children.

Hand: default weapon.
Fire: burning master/mouse immediately.
Gun: let mouses/masters die immediately

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