Paper Ball Apple Pencil and Chocolate Throw – Beat The Wind FREE

Feeling frustrated, bored or lonely? Wait no more, it’s time for Paper Throw game! Super fun and Addictive!

This is an ultimate game where you can throw anything you like eg. apple, orange, pencil, pingpong etc. What’s more! No one is going to scold or stop you for throwing these stuff here. Kill off any idle time! Vent your frustration emotions at work/home here!

Game includes:
– Excellent Physics for each Objects
– Background: 5 different animated scenes like office, kitchen, bedroom etc
– Levels: 7 challenging levels to test your scores.
– Stuff: Anything you can find in each scene.
_ Features Like Compo 1 ,Compo 2,Compo 3 etc

This game is free. Ready to beat the wind? Download & start throwing now!

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