Paranoid papa bee has a super-naughty daughter and everyday he has to overcome all hardships to bring her back home safe.

PapaBee integrates action and puzzle elements. Hope it brings you sheer pleasure when you clear the stages

★ 6 distinctive flowers-fragile yellow flowers,controlling gear flowers, movable lotus… each flower with impressive feature
★ 3 haunting enemies-forever cirlcing spiders, aimlessly bumpingHercules beetleand troubemaker frogs. Seemly dumb enemies could bring Papa bee serious problems.
★ Brief SuperPapa moment-grab babe bee to turn timid Papa bee into Superpapa, knock out all enemies effortlessly. But it only lasts 10 seconds or so. To bring Babe bee back home, this is just the beginning of the real challenge.
★ Ample stages-4 chapters,including 60 normal stages and 20 challenge stages in total.

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