The sound of chains on the asphalt is drawing ever closer. But you are prepared. Your strategy is simple, yet elegant. Your troops are ready to strike. Take command now in this multiplayer online game and move your units in real-time. Outmaneuver your opponents over multiple weeks of battle and emerge victorious from the war!

PanzerWars is a fantastic brand-new real-time-strategy game. Play online and command your troops and tanks to conquer Europe. Fortify your provinces by building fortresses. Improve your recruiting by building factories. Two distinct playing modes require different playing styles and strategies. Up to 10 players play simultaneously on each map.

Features include:
– Tactical strategy game for up to 10 human players per round
– 100% online
– Multiplayer against human players and intelligent AI
– Play multiple different rounds at the same time
– Rounds last a few weeks
– Global ranking for all players worldwide
– Create a strategy for your conquests, build the necessary units and conduct your plan over the course of several days
– Multi-Tasking capable from iOS 4 onward
– Playable on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
– High Res graphics for the Retina Display
– Regular updates with new features and balancing improvements

Brought to you by Bytro Labs, creator of the highly successful browser game “Supremacy 1914”.

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