PANELS 3D is here!!
In PANELS 3D we take a well known pastime fun into a whole new level. The scenery is deep space and your job is to free yourself from the cage you are trapped in by finding the matching pairs of the panels that make up the cage surrounding you.

Your iOS device’s display functions as a window into the game world. Hold the device with both hands in portrait mode and move around you in all directions to explore the cage your are trapped in. Tap on any panel to flip it over and tap a second panel to find the matching pair. Game is completed when all pairs are found and you freed yourself from the cage.

●Free version features●
– 12 panels game, find 6 matching pairs
– Singleplayer time-attack mode or 2-4 player game
– Personal best times saved
– Compete with friends on the Game Center leaderboards
– Collect Game Center achievements
– Share results to Facebook and Twitter
– Easy access to help on each screen

●Additional features for full version●
– Panel Factory: Use your own images and photos for the panel front
– 24 panels game, find 12 matching pairs
– 60 panels game, find 30 matching pairs

●Supported devices●
– iPad 2
– New iPad with retina display support

●Community and Contact●
– Facebook community page at
– App support at

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