Pandas vs Ninjas

Pandas vs Ninjas

Let the fight begin!

The pandas need to defend their homeland from the ninja invaders, destroying their camps and taking back what’s theirs. Will you help the Pandas win the war? Make every panda count!

It is just what you want it to be… multiple levels, each with a different styl., Pandas with different abilities, ensuring that gameplay is entertaining and challenging! The graphics are sharp and detailed. There are plenty of levels to keep you happy for quite hours. Enjoy tons of new elements of the game!

Meet Pandas vs Ninjas with the following features:
– Excellent animated graphics! Six multi-level scenarios so you never get bored.
– Chinese and Japanese theme and beautiful sounds;
– Realistic physics;
– Zoom in/zoom out support;
– In-App purchases available for those who want to win the battle NOW!
– Game is in continual support – the more you play and give us feedback, the more new stuff we add!

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