Panda's Treasures

Description Panda’s Treasures is a totally new casual game, which is different from the common ones. The operation method is funny and fresh. You must open your minds and sharpen your eyes to work out the mysteries.
Po is an enthusiastic panda adventurer. One day, he fell in love with a beautiful young princess and expressed his true love to her. However, the Queen would not approve their marriage unless Po could send her plenty of jewels as gift. Therefore, Po is stepping on his treasure hunting trip for his true love.
The operation method is simple but special. Players only need to use one finger to slip the screen, in order to let the panda eat all the jewels. There are 5 playing scenes, more than 100 challenging missions to complete and 5 special level keys with 3 kinds of different tools. All these will bring you a big joy and perfect feeling.


★Fun and easy operation method

★Plenty of game tools

★Scene with an ornate decorate

★Over 100 different levels of difficulties

★Special Events★
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