Panda vs. Pig

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In a beautiful panda’s kingdom, a little panda lives with his parents happily. One day, a group of evil pigs kidnapped the little panda. The panda’s mom and dad started to make every effort to rescue him. On their way, they will encounter several fierce natural disasters, such as snowstorms, rainstorms, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions.

This game has rich magical items and weapon systems.Let’s make full use of these weapons to overcome these disasters and enemies. Let’s fight for the little panda!

3Game Modes:
*Custom mode: Free to choose pigs and maps.
*Hunting mode: Funny shooting pigs.
*Challenge mode: Battles with different evil pigs in several disasters. The little panda will be saved after all evil pigs have been defeated.

*New disasters.
*New maps.
*New bosses and pigs.
*More magical items and weapons.



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