Panda Hero

Be a force for good! Rescue adorable endangered pandas and plant real trees on Earth! #4 Kids Game in the US, #1 Kids Game in 10+ Countries, Top 10 Kids Game in 20+ countries, and Top 10 Adventure Game in the US! Find out why so many people love Panda Hero, an ‘extremely enjoyable’ Gamepro Featured App of the Week! Featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy, Hot New Games and What’s Hot! Every Panda Hero game sold plants 3 real trees on Earth.

–Wired: “The rolling adventure game and interactive pandas make a great combo”
–Gamepro: “extremely enjoyable”
–TiPB: “In addition to maze-style adventure and pets-style casual gameplay, Panda Hero packs an environmentally conscious message into all those great graphics “
–AppCraver: “a unique combination…the virtual pet portion of Panda Hero is adorable…the mazes are a good blend of simple navigation and enemy objects”

–“I’m dying over this panda, she’s so cute!” Tori from Windsor
–“very addicting…all in all deserves 5-stars!” huntersawesome
–“kids won’t give me back my iPhone!” EbroOnWhidbey
–“I can’t stop playing” NorCalBubba

RESCUE ENDANGERED PANDAS – Poachers captured a panda and her babies are lost in the Chinese forest! Tilt and jump your way through the gorgeous Chinese wilderness – across bamboo forests, raging rivers and ancient temples – on your way to rescue adorable endangered pandas. Along your way, scare away dangerous poachers, and avoid poisonous mushrooms, spiders, snakes, broken bridges, trains, boats and more.

PLANT LIVE TREES IN THE REAL WORLD – Plant 3 real live trees on Earth when you download Panda Hero! 3 live trees have the same impact as removing more than one car off the road!

TAKE CARE OF 3D VIRTUAL PANDAS – Play, feed, love and dress your adorable pandas to keep them happy and healthy! Your pandas love to have fun – they balance on balls, climb bamboo poles, slide, swing, do somersaults and even moonwalk!

RESCUE MISSIONS: Tilt, roll, swerve and jump your way through
–Bamboo forests
–Mountain cliffs
–Hanging bridges
–Rivers & lakes
–Ancient temples
–Snow fields

–Traps, holes and broken bridges
–Poisonous mushrooms, spiders and snakes
–Boats, trains, tuk tuks, cars and trucks
–Dangerous temples

–Play on big toy: slide, swing on tire swing
–Climb on bamboo tree
–Play with balls: balance on balls, juggle balls
–Eat: apple, watermelon, bamboo, milk, cookie
–Love: kiss, sleep, tickle
–Dress: hats & glasses

Missions have multiple levels that get harder each time. Guide the Hero through many challenges including
–avoiding dangerous poachers in the forest
–boating through rushing rivers while avoiding rocks and canoes
–scaling the icy mountain cliff bridges in the snow
–navigating mazes in the ancient temples
–avoiding cars, trains, and tuk tuks in the old villages
–cruising on rickety bridges with holes

–Magic berries, coins, food, magic seeds, health and treasures
–Release caged deer, snow leopards, golden monkeys and red pandas

Gorgeous graphics in the Chinese wilderness – bamboo forests, dragon temples, ice cliffs, rushing rivers, rice paddies, country villages, and more.

Panda Hero teaches you about the challenges facing real live Giant Pandas in the wild today!

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