Panda Gun Ship Challenge – Zombie Frog Hunting Beneath Water World

Ready to get your imagination sopping wet and heart pumping in a fun-filled underwater battle game for girls & boys? In this new iPhone game by Free Action Games Plus Fun Apps, prepare to pit two of the most unlikely of animal kingdom enemies against one another in a most unlikely battlefield.

Wage underwater war in a cool game called Panda Gun Ship Challenge.

In this crazy mobile app, you are a battle-worn panda bear manning a sleek and advanced submarine gun ship. Dive into the depths of the aptly-named Water-world, an underwater dimension, to embark on an adventure that will go down in animal lore.

Drive your submarine gun ship around, exploring the ocean currents and collecting cartoon coins, the priceless Golden Bamboos. Sounds simple enough, right?

If only it were that easy…Just as zany as the premise of a panda bear in a submarine are the amphibious arch-rivals out to stop you in the worst way possible. The infamous zombie frogs. They lurk in the ocean depths, hunting pandas like you in a mission to sink their ships and watch them sink into the deepest abysses of Water-world.

How long can you keep your panda friend alive? Can you stop the zombie frogs before they stop you?

Blast the enemy out of the water with your gun ship torpedoes while trying to collect as many Golden Bamboo coins as possible before a zombie frog destroys your ship. Collecting coins racks up your points, but as you gain points, the game speeds up and the froggy monsters come at you faster and faster. Keep up the pace as long as possible and then share your scores with friends on Game Center to see who reigns king in Water-world.

Set to be one of the most popular and addicting games out there Panda Gun Ship Challenge is iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, & 5 compatible.

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