Pai Gow Tutor

☆☆☆☆☆ Update 0.3 Released

☯ Supports 3.1.3 through iOS 4.2

~Shri from LardB Labs

Play on & Learn on !

Pai Gow is an ancient Chinese Casino game that is still played in many of worldwide casinos using Chinese dominoes.
Pai Gow Tutor is designed for new players to learn the game the traditional way. This is the first app on the App Store that teaches Paigow Tiles, helps newbies learn with tools and tutorials that improve understanding the game and help practice strategy. You learn the game with never ending multiple choice quizzes, game simulation and value calculator with a smart help and guide to the game rules.

Use the Quiz pages to test your knowledge of the Pai Gow tile names and Pai Gow Tile ranks.
Use the simulation game to test how well you play the game in terms of strategy or calculation of the tiles you are dealt with.

This tutor can also be used by intermediate level players to hone their Pai Gow Hand forming skills.

We recommend advanced players to use our soon to come pro-Tutor application which will add more Casino based strategies and odds calculations.

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