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Touch to grab the ball, then slide towards the opponent’s goal and release before the Touch Bound Line to throw the ball at the direction and speed of your Touch.
Challenge other internet players to a Ranked Game (with your settings) and win Points to climb up the Leaderboard.

* 6 Stadiums with different properties.
* 60 fps smooth gameplay.
* Insane speeds!
* Adjust Touch Duration,Range,Ball Possession Time(down to milliseconds!) to create different play styles.
* Aim for the Wall Symbols to gain extra Touch Speed,Range,Duration and Space.
* Training Mode with Touch Duration Leaderboard.
* Two Player mode on one device.
* Network Multiplayer via GAME CENTER and Bluetooth.
* In Game combined view of Leaderboards of Points,Games Played,Wins,Ties,Loses.(Friends & Everybody).

Point System:Win(3),Tie(2),Lose(1).

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