PacShoot Lite

This is the Lite version of Pacshoot. Buy the full version to get 18 additional levels, 4 new monsters and much more!

PacShoot (Lite) is my second app and first game for Iphone and Ipod Touch.

The main goal in PacShoot is to destroy the incoming monsters with projectiles and to beat all 25 levels. There will be five different monsters and you have to kill 30 monsters to advance to the next level. You can see more info about the monsters in the attached screenshots. The game is played in landscape mode and the monsters will spawn on a side and move to the opposite side (the speed depends on the kind of monster and the level). When they reach that opposite side you lose, but don’t worry: you can try again as much as you want!

The higher the level, the more difficult the game becomes: monsters will move faster, they gain special abilities, are harder to kill and eventually come from every corner and side! Every five levels a new monster is introduced and you advance to a next stage.

There’s variety in the levels: in some levels, Pacman will stand still and you will be free to shoot everywhere you want, in other levels Pacman will follow a path. Here you can only shoot to the direction Pacman is facing.

So start today with shooting your favorite old-school pacman monsters!

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