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PAC-MAN for iPad is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Pac-Man for iPad Review

Lets just cut to the chase. Just about everybody knows who Pac-Man is. This little yellow ball has been chomping at our hearts since the dawn of gaming. In fact, when most people think of gaming, Pac-Man probably comes to mind. This version of the timeless arcade game is true to the original and a great novelty app to own.

Pac-Man is no stranger to iDevice gaming. In fact, one of the first titles on the App Store was Pac-Man. However, that version and many of the other iterations pushed out by Namco have suffered from poor controls.

This iPad rehash has an imprecise joystick controller, but the swipe input method more than makes up for it. It’s irrational to expect the same level of precision from a touchscreen that you get from a physical joystick, but we feel it works well enough that it doesn’t feel like a struggle.

The haunter has become the haunted.

There are three difficulty levels in Pac-Man for iPad, each with their own high-score tracking. However, unlike the arcade version, there is no way to put in your name or view a list of top scores. Only the highest score from each difficulty level is shown. We’d at least like a local scoreboard, but even better would be an online leaderboard. As much as we love retro throwbacks, this is still a crucial modern enhancement that needs to be made.

Otherwise, Pac-Man for iPad is worth the price. Namco kept the audio and visuals intact, and playing the game on a larger screen really makes it feel like your own personal arcade booth. You don’t need to be an old-timer to appreciate this milestone in the gaming industry.