P156 Flex Free

Project 156 is a “match 3″ type game. Select groups of boxes that match in color. Groups sizes change depending on the round. Try to work through all 31 levels. Each level will change the number of blocks required to complete the level and the group size will change as well. The game has a personal high score list and can be used with your Tornado Games Account to post your score world wide.

Game works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and the graphics look crisp on all devices. This game is also available for Droid – stop by www.tornadogames.com/m for more information.

Visit us online to try some of our games for free – www.tornadogames.com.

Check out some of our other Free apps like Social iJong Smiles, iVirus, Don’s Four Play, Force A Roll and x Triple i. To see all of our apps visit www.tornadogames.com/m/

About Jetacer….
Jetacer Interactive LLC has been developing games since 1999. Most of our games are available for free online at tornadogames.com. We also release our games for other devices so please check out www.tornadogames.com/m/ for our mobile listings. We are available for custom development – visit www.jetacer.com for more information and how to contact us.

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