OutReach Dex's Odyssey

Take on the role of Dex, a brilliant mechanic that finds himself all alone on a meteor riddled earth. He decides he must find other survivors but he does not have the ability to travel very far. So he instead constructs a massive cannon which he loads with his robot companions. He shoots his robot friends through the sky hoping to encounter other survivors.

* A new breed of cannon launching game
* Experience Dex’s story as you help him find other survivors and search for the city of outreach
* Travel through many different areas using special robot-launching cannons and awesome robots
* Upgrade your robots with many different levels of booster devices
* Launch mini-commando robots at your air-borne characters to give them an added boost

Help Dex purchase bigger cannons and better robots while discovering new locations. Do you have what it takes to find the promised land?

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