Outnumbered – 3D Multiplayer Survival

The Ultimate multiplayer experience for the iPhone has arrived. Outnumbered is a 3D, multiplayer, survival adventure in which one player faces impossible odds, and the other commands the attacking forces.

One player takes the role of the hero. As the Omega Neurobot Eliminator, you battle against impossible odds and countless robotic enemies. The longer you survive, the farther you travel, the higher you score. Conserve your ammo for your 4 weapons, and collect rare munitions, buffs, and bombs.

The other player controls the oncoming hoards. View the world from a top down perspective, and control which of the six kinds of enemy neurobots are being spawned, and where.

When the hero is destroyed, the player’s roles are reversed, and the player with the highest score wins!

Outnumbered is one of the first iPhone games built entirely around multiplayer gameplay. Challenge your friends in the room with you, and connect directly to their device.

Please note that this is a multiplayer game for two players in the same room. Outnumbered requires bluetooth and two player’s with their own iPhone or iPod Touch. Compatible devices for multiplayer are the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 2nd Generation iPod Touch and up.

To see more of Outnumbered, be sure to visit www.VeiledGames.com to watch videos of gameplay and read more!

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