Rating: 12+

Ouch! is a game from Brandon Proulx, originally released 26th March, 2009


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Cheap Shot: Ouch!

It’s no secret that videogames offer catharsis. What could be more soothing for the soul than flinging a digital ragdoll into bowling pins, shooting it with a cannonball, and then dropping an anvil on its head?

Ouch! takes relieving tension one step further than most games by allowing players to customize their ragdolls with the faces of their friends, boss, or the neighbor who’s been hammering on the wall for 5 hours. Gargh!

Setup is a painless ordeal, as it only takes around a minute to paste your saved images onto your doll’s face. You’ll need 3 photos to capture the range of your doll’s emotions, and you can either import these or use the iPhone’s camera directly from the app. There’s a great variety of clothing and hairstyles to accentuate your creation, and the menus are intuitive and simple to follow.

There are a handful of premade dolls and a huge selection of levels from the onset. Ouch! also includes a full level editor with robust sharing options, and there is plenty of fun to be had in contributing to the great variety of levels available for download. After all, Ouch! is a game about laughs, and we recommend crafting the goofiest scenarios possible.

More fun than falling down a flight of stairs.

For those who’d rather jump right into gameplay, Ouch! is quite fun. The game makes fine use of a well-designed physics engine to fling your creations into the most precarious situations imaginable. It’s very amusing to watch your doll’s limbs flailing about as they sail through the air before smashing into a flagpole. The community levels deliver especially creative methods of punishment, and the in-game forum gives a big boost to replay value.

For a limited time, Ouch! is just 99 cents. It’s a funny little game with some unexpected depth, so pick this one up, especially if you’re feeling tense, and you’re sure to get some relieving smiles out of it.

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