Our game is difficult, but interesting puzzle, which seems very simple at first, but then it carries away that you forget about time.

From you – attentiveness, quick wits and a little system thinking.
From game – stylish design, music and 70 levels from simple to the most difficult! Also you have a chance to share with your records in Game Center.

What should you do?
– the puzzle is drawn on a beautiful board
-it is possible to put counters on a board simple pressing
– all counters come with figure 1
– If you lay out a new counter near to counter that have already laid out, neighboring counters will increase per unit
-the task is to make so that the figure on the board check with the figure on the counters .

Several important warnings:
– attention, be careful: you will become more clever!
– don’t pass the stop playing on the way and don’t play at the wheel!
– don’t forget to eat, drink and sleep in breaks between battles.

Have eaten, have finished all the affairs for today, have you clipped on?
Here goes!
At first it is a simple novice mode, then warm-up levels and forward to the records!

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