Orlla Cleaner

Special Offer: $0.99 (Original Price: $1.99). Time Limited! Overview Orlla cleaner is an interesting and wonderful simulated operating cleaning game for kids especially designed for kids applied to iPad. Now you are the little cleaner and try to get your house tidy! In Orlla cleaner, kids can clean eight places of the house: the cute and lovely bedroom of themselves, the simple and comfortable room of their parents, the discreet and calm dining room, the messy kitchen, the warm sitting-room, and the untidy bathroom, the dirty garage with litter and finally the beautiful garden but without caring for a long time. Unlike many other cleaning games, Orlla cleaner sets in our real house. Kids will play as a cleanly and obedient boy or girl and clean the whole house by themselves. They use the sweeper to clean the dust on the floor, use the mop to clear the dirty water, use the feather duster to clean the web on the corner of the wall and so on. While clean the whole house, kids will definitely get to know what a hard work that their parents do every for them. They will learn to keep their own room tidy and also try to help their parents do some cleaning. Rules The interface is very child-friendly. The menu is kept quite short. All of the options are located at the bottom of the screen. There are eight scenes in the game without levels. Click the room to enter into the game. When you first enter into a room, you will get a guide of the game. There are only two clean tools and two kinds of related dirt in the room. Clean them and get to know how to play the game. After that whichever room you enter into, there are randomly four to six clean tools with four to six dirty places. On the top of the screen there are several stars depending on the numbers of the dirt. After you cleaning one of them the gloomy star will turn to bright. Features Eight places of the house Multiple dirty places and related clean tools Cute and lovely design Child-friendly interface Easy for kids to play Entertaining and educative Wonderful music effects How to play Click the room to select the game scene Find the dirty place in that room Use the right clean tool to clean up those dirty places After the gloomy stars on the top of the screen turn bright, you win the game

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