Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Universal Rating: 12+

Organ Trail: Director's Cut is a game from The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC, originally released 9th August, 2012


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Organ Trail: Director’s Cut Review

Wonder no more about how you might survive a zombie apocalypse. Those arguments between you and your friends can finally be put to the test. Organ Trail is a simulator for those who have always thought they could outsmart the living dead. Can you protect yourself, your station wagon, and your friends from the scourge of the flesh eaters?

As the punny name implies, Organ Trail is an Oregon Trail-inspired simulator. Instead of caring for your oxen or carefully crossing a river with your covered wagon, you must travel from one end of the country to another and scavenge for food and equipment. Every detail is open to change, and nothing is safe.

I don’t want want to die in Pittsburgh!

The game begins with you finding a fellow traveler and venturing out together. Soon he is bitten by a zombie, and you are left in charge of your traveling caravan. On the road, you will face equipment failure, disease, and possible distractions. You might find strangers who need your help, or you might find bandits who will kill your friends.

Every so often, you will come across a town where you can scavenge for supplies or take jobs for pay. Each of these will involve surviving a short mini-game, where you must kill enemy zombies and move around the level to collect supplies. The game is made for a touchscreen device, so there are no onscreen buttons to obscure your view. Moving is accomplished with a simple tap, while firing is done by pulling back from your character and aiming a reticle at your target. There are various types of zombies to destroy: strong, normal, or fast. You may even encounter a rare “boss” zombie during your travels. You’ll soon become a master marksman and an accomplished zombie killer.

Good hunting.

Your station wagon is also an integral part of this game. It will require upgrades and regular maintenance. Auto shops at every town can help you repair your vehicle, and there are upgraded parts scattered throughout the game that can give you an advantage on the road.

The best part of Organ Trail is its variety. There’s always something new to encounter, like road bandits who you must force off the road. The danger for all of these scenarios is very real. At any moment, your friend may get bitten, and then it’s up to you to put them to rest. Your success in getting to the end of the game is dependent on your ability to shoot, drive, and manage your inventory.

Darn it, Clements!

Organ Trail plays like an old Apple II classic, with blocky 2D graphics. It feels like a game actually made 30 years ago to prepare children for zombie survival, which only serves to give this game an added layer of mystique and humor.

Organ Trail is an engrossing survival simulator which you may or may not survive. You never know what you may find in this game, and your safety is never guaranteed. If you don’t make it to the coast and to safety, you can always try again. There’s so much to encounter in this game that you may miss some of it on your first try.