Order HD Lite

If you are hungry for fast paced puzzle game Order is the best choice.

Order is an exclusive fast paced block stacking game. Unlike other block stack games there is bit of intellectual approach. In this game you are going to have more than just stacking a block. The half part of a picture/shape are imprinted on different blocks and you have to stack them in a proper order to complete the picture and banish them from the game.

The game Order requires an important skill set, that is instant decision making. The game can be played by any age group though the game best fits with kids for their intellectual improvement. For the fun part we have used pictures of objects, fruits and vehicles from our daily life.

How to Play

Touch and Drag to pick Up and Drop tiles.

Arrange tiles in Order and successfully make a Shape/Picture by it’s parts.

Make sure your tiles stack don’t get too high or it’s Game Over.

Power Ups

Use Bomb to Clear Random Stack of jumbled shapes
Use Joker to get Joker on top of each Stack
Use Big Bomb to Clear full screen area and start freshly

Game Play
Picture containing part of Shape will be dropping in the screen.
Player have to touch and drag the block of Pictures in order to move.
Player has to arrange tiles and successfully make a Shape/Picture by it’s parts.
If Player successfully makes a Shape ,then he gets good score.
Beware,If you allow the pictures to grow on screen,then after max height,all pictures fall off and Game is Over.
Use Power Ups to clear screen and maintain good score than your friends.

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