Orbu Hunt HD Lite

Wield your guns and hunt the aliens of Orbu.

Orbu Hunt is a classic Castle defense game, designed with a new concept with amazing game play and graphics.

Take control of the orbital path around your tower from the raging attack of the Origean Aliens. They come with all their might and with different strengths.

Your basic weapons are just enough to kill the brittle aliens in the initial few levels. Well we designed it like that, so that you get a hang of it. However things can take an ugly turn when you move to advanced levels.

You can upgrade you weapons with the virtual cash you would earn from playing the initial few levels. Aim and shoot the Origean aliens before they reach the doors of your Castle tower.

Orbu Hunt comes with 5 different themes:

₪ The Impulse
₪ The Origins
₪ The Flare
₪ Rain Storm
₪ The Quake


• 25 Exciting Castle defense levels
• Amazing game play and graphics
• Comes with OpenFient and Game Center for Global Scoring
• New and refreshing Castle Defense strategy

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