Do you find yourself listening to good tunes with your fingers tapping away, doing backflips like little musical ninjas?

Stirfire Studios and Wrk Studio have created the ultimate remedy to your perfectly normal musical urges. Orbeats!

Using three simple moves – tapping, holding and sliding, you’ll explore our growing musical library for new challenges or sheer pleasure. Each track sports four difficulty flavours, from easy to masterful, and its own unique artwork to put you in the mood.

So here’s a small list of things you get straight out of the box:

– A simple tutorial with training wheels to get you started.
– Comes pre-bundled with four great tracks, and more will be available for download in a wide variety of styles.
– Each track includes four difficulty levels and beautiful custom backgrounds.
– You can play it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!
– For those who love telling the world how awesome they are (and we rightfully agree!), we crafted beautiful trophies that you can post to Facebook along with your highscores.
– Excellent exercise for your fingers anywhere, any time of the day.
– We even thought about the little Orbeaters, so we made a kid-friendly mode just for them.
– And lots more to discover…

For the full details, check out our website at http://www.stirfirestudios.com/Orbeats

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