Orb Code Deluxe

Sure, you can crack the code. But can you crack the code while the clock mercilessly ticks down to destruction?!?

(Note: Orb Code does not work correctly on the new Ipad with Retina display. A fix is under development.)

Orb Code Deluxe is a code breaking game similar to the paper and pencil game known as Bulls and Cows. You have 3-8 colors to choose from and 3-8 different slots. Can you figure what color each slot is? You have unlimited attempts, but time is running out…

Orb Code Deluxe also has an exciting head-to-head 2-player game mode–maybe you can beat the timer, but can you beat the person sitting across form you?!?

YouTube Trailer: http://youtu.be/lKfauKgtMAU
YouTube Tutorial: http://youtu.be/BsolTHd65FA

Orb Code, a free, single-player only version is also available in the App Store.

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