Orange Caramel SHAKE

◎Tap & Shake to the music!
ORANGE CARAMEL SHAKE offers traditional “TAP”style of gameplay as well as a new “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode, using a seamless-gesture technology developed by dooub. The “SHAKE-WHEEL” mode will make you feel like a DJ scratching the turntable!

◎Introducing Card Deck System!
ORANGE CARAMEL SHAKE rewards you cards when you complete a game. These cards can be collected, which include unreleased pictures of ORANGE CARAMEL, or they can be used in game like an item and receive higher scores!

◎Make your own notes!
ORANGE CARAMEL SHAKE will allow you to make your own notes and enjoy them anytime you want! This awesome feature will bring unlimited amount of new contents!

◎Contact Us
Twitter @MusicianSHAKE