Oppa Puzzle Pro – In Gangnam Style

Oppa Gangnam Style!!! Op Op Op :)

You listened the music and you did the dance moves.

Now it's time for a fun Picture Puzzle game play in Gangnam Style.

Are you Ready?

Be Warned though: Gangnam Style Picture Puzzle is Highly Addictive.
…and once you start playing, you can't let it go.

★★★ Game Objective ★★★

Put the Gangnam Style picture back together by sliding the scrambled picture tiles.

★★★ Game Highlights ★★★

✔ Fun, addictive and easy to play.
✔ Tap to slide picture tiles.
✔ Sound effect while sliding picture tiles.
✔ 5 Different challenging levels (from newbie to nightmare)

And that's not all…

✔ You can choose & Play puzzle from the varieties of Gangnam style pictures.

What are you waiting for?

Get this cool & addictive iPad Gangnam Style Picture Puzzle game and Stay entertained!

If you like the Gangnam style music, then you gonna love Gangnam Style Puzzle :)