OOOG – Odd One Out Game

OOOG is a beautifully designed Odd One Out Game for iPad and iPhone / iPod touch. How many OOO’s can you find in 30 seconds?

Brightly coloured backgrounds gradually fade between seven awesome colours as you pick the odd word out from four options.

“I could play this all day” – beta tester
“Great sound effects!” – beta tester
“I love how it all looks, the icons are great” – beta tester

★ Unlimited questions
★ 4 words, 1 odd one out
★ Entertaining
★ Seven awesome colours
★ Fun for all ages
★ Share your score with friends (optional)
★ Supports all screen orientations on iPad
★ Universal app (buy once, play anywhere)
★ HD Retina graphics throughout
★ Enhanced for iPhone 5

For the latest updates follow us on Twitter @ooogapp

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