These funny bunnies are tired of doing tricks for their tough magician just to obtain a measly handful of pellets. Bunnies love fresh veggies and dream of escaping to the countryside. Luckily, now they can count on you to help them run away from the magician’s top hat.

During tonight’s show, you will have to use all your talent to save as many bunnies as possible using the classic handkerchief trick and different types of trick cards that will distract the magician for a short time. But be careful, the magician will get angrier as more bunnies escape and things will get harder and harder.

After saving a nice herd of bunnies, you will have the chance to play with them in two additional modes to win carrots that you can trade for trick cards.

* Press Quotes ******************

“This is definitely a fun game to pick up if you have some time to play.” – appadvice.com

“oOH!! Bunnies sorprende por su adictivo mecanismo y por su agradable acabado visual” – endiferido.es

“Lo que nos gusta: […]Lo adictiva que puede llegar a resultar su propuesta: es simple, divertida y directa.” – xatakamovil.com

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