Online BlackJack

Online BlackJack

“Online Blackjack” game is a network game which can be connecting Smart Phone Users(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Computer online users simultaneously, and this game is compete between Game Dealer and users of each, like Real Black-Jack game.
Maximum 5 gamers can playing in a same room together, and can select their location. According your chose of the seat location and room, you may have different result.
This is the game to connecting with many online users, and playing together.

Special Features :

– Mobile Users and PC users can connecting and enjoying game simultaneously.

– Apply to general Black Jack Game rule, so can play easily,

– Can enjoy “Free Recharge Service” a day 5 times, if remaining under$1.

– The “Ranking system” is supported by the amount of the remaining credit.

– The “Auto Play Function” is to make to play easily for the starter and tiring users.

Quick Introduction :

Blackjack means the number 21. Blackjack refers to the Ace card along with a 10 card and the return on the bet is 1.5 times the betting amount.
Winning with numbered cards result in return of 100% of the betting amount.
At first the player is dealt 2 cards and the dealer is dealt a single card.
The object is to get as close to 21 as possible while battling with the dealer. And, if the player’s sum of the point is over 21, delear wins.
K, Q, J, and 10 are worth 10 points, and the numbered cards are worth their face value. The ace card is worth either 1 or 11 points.

Button :

– The Insurance Button : The player can get insurance only if the dealer has an upcard of an ace. The player can insure only up to half of the betting amount. So, if the dealer ends up getting blackjack, the player loses the original betting amount but receives 2 times the insurance money. If the player had insured half of the betting amount then the player ends up breaking even.

– The Hit Botton : If an additional card is wanted, the player can select “Hit” Button.

– The Stand Botton : If no more cards are wanted then the player can select “Stand”. button.
But, the dealer must take cards until the sum is more than 17 point.

– The Double Button : With stipulation of receiving just one more card for the double down, the player can bet another 100% of the betting amount. The rule applies only if the sum of originally dealt cards is between 9 and 11 inclusive.

– The Split Button. In the event the player is dealt 2 identical cards, the player can split the cards and play two sets of the games with the additional bet of original amount.

It can be learned fast and becomes easy with few games into it, please enjoy with us.

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