Onibi runs on devices with iOS 4 or higher. Will not work on 2nd Generation or lower iPod and iPhone devices.

Onibi is a kinetic puzzler where the player is a forest spirit who must wind paths that awaken the other voices of the forest. Keep your flow and other spirits will follow you. The result is a symphony of motion and sound that is different every time.


How to play:

Touch anywhere and drag to build a path for the Onibi to follow

Your goal is to hit all the swirling Echoes, which creates music

Let go to allow the Onibi to pass through an existing path, otherwise it will crash and lose momentum

Tunnels direct your flow and can pass through black walls

Some areas prevent path from being built

Some Echoes do not appear until another has been hit

Learn the sequence to master the level


Watch Gameplay trailer at YouTube:

Onibi is brought to you by indie developer React! Games who has released Archon and Archon:Conquest for the iPhone. You can see our Onibi page for entrance into the 2012 Independent Games Festival at http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2012.php?id=577

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