On A Tilt

On A Tilt is a challenging game that requires precise hand eye coordination to move paddles based off of how you tilt your device. Areas appear and your goal is to get the paddles inside of the areas. As the game proceeds the areas move, scale, and fade. On A Tilt is unique because it’ll have you tilting your device in many fun directions on multiple axes. The best part is you don’t mess around with any clunky touch controls, just tilt!

•Intense precise hand eye coordination tilting
•All tilt controls
•Tilt on multiple axes
•2 exciting game modes with unlimited levels to reach
•(HD) retina graphics
•Universal (looks great on iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad)
•Game center leaderboards & achievements
•Tested using iPhone, iPod Touch 2G, 3G, 3GS, & 4G – iPad 1 & 2

~Game Modes~
Arcade: tilt and hit the areas as fast as you can for 60 seconds. rack up combos by getting tilts quickly in a row
Survivor: quickly get inside the areas. if you’re outside of the area when the timer goes off you get an X. get 3 X’s and you’re out. every 100 T removes an X.

Twitter: @BrilliantAiRiC
Website: http://onatilt.com

Thank you to my parents, friends, and Cocos2d + community.

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