Omniverse Live

Omniverse Live is a massively multiplayer spaceship role-playing game. Unlike most iPhone games, Omniverse Live allows you to pilot your spaceship in real-time with hundreds of other iPhone players!

Omniverse Live is easy to play, yet provides hundreds of hours of entertainment through it’s vast and rich universe. Pick from a huge selection of ships, weapons, and upgrades providing thousands of customization options.

Best of all, Omniverse Live is FREE to try! If you like it, you can upgrade to a STAR account in-game to unlock the more advanced ships. There’s no reason not to give Omniverse a try!

– Real-time gameplay with hundreds of other players.
– Rich universe with tons of ships, weapons, and upgrades.
– Leaderboard rankings to see where you stack up against others.
– Intense starship fighting action!

For more information about the Omniverse Live game and community, goto

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