Om Nom: Candy Flick

Om Nom comes to life… any place, any time!

This augmented reality app brings Om Nom, little green monster, to life. Enjoy 3D animation and have fun feeding your own Om Nom candy that he loves wherever you go together.

1. Print the blue image, or open it on another device.
2. Press "Play" button and point the camera at the image – you'll see Om Nom.
3. Start the game!

Om Nom is hungrier than ever and he's craving candy! Test your aim by flicking yummy treats into this adorable monster's mouth, and watch him come to life in 3D animations! Toss the candy from challenging distances and try to earn all the achievements to become the best candy flicker on the leaderboard!

Game features:

· Om Nom in 3D animation
· Augmented Reality game
· Game Center achievements and leaderboards

NOTE: get the best user experience on the newest Apple devices, such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, new iPads and iPods. Could be a bit slow on iPhone 4.

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