Olympian Legends

*** LAUNCH OFFER : 50% SALE till we prepare the Universal version and the Iphone 5 optimized resolution.

Are you ready for your new addiction ? Nightshift Coders present all-new block puzzle action! Back when the Olympian Gods were the rulers of Earth and men, they decided to recruit a few exceptional men who would pass their tests and would join them in the Olympian Legends league against the Titans. Your task : Keep the Olympian Gate open by stacking the face pieces in order : chin, lips, nose, eyes. forehead. Make one mistake and the piece will turn to stone and the only way out of it is to create more faces on top of it or use any of the three power-ups, to clear the Olympian Gate.

• Features 7 Olympian Gods : Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Hephaestus, Poseidon, Hermes & Hades
• Two game modes : “Classic” for those looking for a challenge & “Time Attack” for the casual players
• Complete in-game objective sets in “Classic” mode to increase your scoring multiplier
• Make use of the three power-ups, lightning, waterfall & fireballs to clear your way
• Retina Graphics
• GameCenter support for leaderboards and achievements
• Intuitive one touch controls

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