OLO game

Universal Rating: 4+

OLO game is a game from Sennep, originally released 7th June, 2012


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OLO Game Review

The oddly named OLO Game is deceptively simple. Essentially a physics-based virtual board game, this multiplayer-only affair is the epitome of a more refined party game. The goal is for each side to simply slide colored dots onto their opponent’s space and keep them there. Keeping the dots in place is where the competition really comes into play, and the game is uniquely geared to making sure that the tables can turn instantly with a well-placed shot.

The board is divided by two large colored areas, with a white launching space on either end. Put your finger on your colored dot and slide it so that it stops somewhere within the opposing color’s side and a point is earned. Shots can be banked off walls, but using too much sliding power can result in your game piece landing in the other player’s launching area– which gives them possession of it.

What long fingers you have.

Since players have a limited number of various-sized dots, it’s best not to give your opponent more ammo. OLO Game is turn-based, so each player takes a shot without interference. Aside from merely placing pieces in the other player’s territory, the real fun is knocking their pieces back to their side, thus instantly lowering their earned points.

This means that if a player has a lot of points, it also means they’re taking up a lot of space on your side, making it far easier to knock their points (and dots) down with a well-placed shot. Up to four can take turns pitching dots, although the game gets a bit too chaotic with four players. Even better, OLO supports two-way online multiplayer. Since the game is turn-based, lag is a non-issue and this is a great way to practice.

It’s slightly disappointing there’s no single player mode for practicing or just killing time, but otherwise OLO Game does its thing perfectly. The simple graphics and sound effects are well suited to the gameplay, the physics feel dead on, and it’s a fun, low-key competition for kids and adults to play together. This is an off-beat game that looks as if it were designed by IKEA, but is well worth a look.