Okla Maze

If you are looking for a maze game that give you unlimited of fun by exploring level by level,then this is for you!!

Game introduction:

A brave snail wants to reach the legendary summit of snowy plateau to find the biggest gem as a propose present.However, this journey is so tough that many warriors have lost on the way and never come back.Could our Mr.snail overcome all difficulties and bring back the shiny gem?? Let’s wait and see!
Every maze has different teleport arrows which can transport the snail to next frame,there are also some mysterious portals are avaliable to send you to another side of the same color.Sounds simple? However how to utilise this arrows and portals to get destination in the shortest time is a challenge to the little snail! After all it’s known as the Maze game for a reason.
Pay attention to all sorts of props,some can rearm time and step number(There are step number limitation in the game)However some appearing lovely may just be traps!!
Five main levels dividing into fifty different levels allow you to have a taste of wonderful sceneries throughout the whole game.
All kinds of special props add more fun!

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