OK! Quiz

“Quite possibly the finest example of its genre to be found in the App Store”
Games Media Pro (four stars)

“The app is great, it’s even universal…go ahead it’s a great quiz app”
App-Score (8/10)

OK! Quiz is the first ever free to play celebrity gossip quiz on the App Store. Featuring over 200 challenging questions about the lives of the famous, the very famous and the downright infamous, OK! Quiz is enough to bamboozle even the most dedicated celeb-watcher’s brain! But there’s more – two extra question packs, each containing a whopping 1,000 questions across six categories – are also available for download from the in-app Shop.

OK! Quiz boasts three unique single player modes. Race against the clock in OK! Celebrity Quiz mode, try to hang on to your lives in Classic mode, and try Sudden Death mode if you dare! When you’re confident in your celeb knowledge, why not challenge a friend in Play and Pass mode to find out who’s the biggest gossip?!

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