London before the summer in 2012
We had a quiet grandpa burn the fighting spirit.
Nozome world record inspires a decrepit legs! !

The gate is still young I do lose. Today’s food ~U of Nanjai?

Up to 100M while running a full marathon from grandpa
Do it to show the strength of the legs pull out running!

◆ How to game
-Try to run a grandpa to flip to the left or right at the bottom of the screen FLICK LINE After selecting the mode.
-I run fast enough to flip grandpa soon!

◆ What event is! Only four events.
· 100-meter dash
Kakenukero in the fastest time believing the possibility of self!
· 400-meter dash
  Robust pace of the game is the key!
· 1,500-meter race
  Endurance and perseverance, will be tried above all not lose heart!
· Full marathon
“FULL MALASON” of 42.195 km and rainy day! Are you trying to kill!

◆ RANKING feature
WEB can be exposed to the fastest time of their ranking
You can compete with the world record.

Sa! Aim gold medalist!

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