Oil Panic

*********ONE WEEK ONLY*********

Step into the shoes of an Oil Executive and lead your company to riches and success!
Build and install rigs along the ocean surface to siphon out the oil reservoir below!

Be careful though, the rigs overtime may rupture causing oil to leak into the environment!

Turn as much profit as you can from harvesting the oil while keeping the ocean contamination level as low as possible!

5 Different modes of play to choose from
* Classic Mode
* Blitzkrieg Mode
* Environmentalist Mode
* Penny Pincher Mode
* When It Rains… Mode

8 Different upgrades to make improve your performance throughout the game!
* 10% Profit increase
* Rig build Time
* Rig Life Span
* Siphon Rate
* Pollution Rate
* Rupture Leak Rate
* Repair Effort
* Oil Skimmer Rentals

High Scores list to keep track of your best accomplishments in each mode!

Crisp graphics and realistic sounds!

High replay value!

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