Oh Snap! The Game of Photo Charades – Plus

Create hilarious pictures of you and your friends by drawing on top of photos.

Plus, you’ll automatically receive these exclusives in the AD-FREE version:
* 1000 Bonus Coins
* 10 Additional Lightning Bolts which you can use as hints, or to get new words


If you’ve already been playing Oh Snap, switching to the AD-FREE version is easy. Your existing account, games, photos, and drawings will transfer automatically.


“You can get pretty creative scribbling on real photos” – VentureBeat

“If you like regular charades or Pictionary, this game will be a decent dose of fun” – TechnologyTell

“A neat way to make new friends” – Toronto Thumbs

“It’s Pictionary with pictures!” – Zombie Parent’s Guide


“Drawing on photos adds so many levels of fun that Draw Something does not have. I’m addicted!” – Citydriving


Get a friend to guess your word, and you’ll both earn coins as you build your streak. Use those coins to unlock:
✔ New colors
✔ Customized picture frames
✔ Additional lightning bolts (hints)
✔ And more fun stuff coming soon

With thousands of words, there’s no limit to what you can create. And we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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