Oh my Gold!

This story happened in Ireland on the eve of St Patrick’s Day. As you know, you can only meet leprechauns on March 17, on the streets or in pubs and sometimes they drop their golden coins. One magic leprechaun was in a great hurry home to hide his treasures and start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. When suddenly he fell over and his pot of gold got stuck between some branches and now he can’t get it!

Help the little leprechaun to retrieve his riches before the holiday ends and he will generously thank you! What you need to do is knock out coins from the pot and collect them gently in a hat. Are you tired? It’s high time to visit the mysterious shop and buy magic bottles of agility, fortune or any enchantment. By the way, did you congratulate your friends on St Patrick’s day? The Magic leprechaun has a lot of beautiful postcards for your family and friends! And he will be happy to give them to you instead of his coins. And that’s not all! The Leprechaun has some secret surprises for you! Do you want to know what they are? Help him and he can give you some interesting things.

Game’s Features:
• Over 90 levels for fun
• Arcade and relax modes
• Beautiful postcards for St Patrick’s Day
• Magic shop with upgrades
• Game Center support

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