Oh Hell! Wizard

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Oh Hell! Wizard is a scorekeeping app for the Oh Hell card game (also called Blackout, Ascenseur, Get Fred, Gary's Game, Up and Down the River, Nomination Whist, Shaft, 8, 9 and 10-game). This handy app for iPhone and iPod Touch offers more than just managing your current game: it keeps a history of game results and generates detailed players stats. It also provides a heap of options to let you spice up your favorite game:

✓ 4 game progression options: Down, Up, Up/Down, or Down/Up
✓ Set the number of rounds
✓ Tie breaker options
✓ Scoring options for successful bidding, underbidding, and overbidding
✓ “Screw the dealer” option

With Oh Hell! Wizard, bids and tricks are entered through a simple and intuitive interface, and the score are calculated automatically each round. Turn your device sideways, and get a round-by-round scoresheet. Oh Hell! Wizard also helps you manage the game by randomly selecting the first player to deal and then by tracking the dealer, the first player to bid, the number of cards to distribute in the round, etc.

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Various game stats at your fingertips!

Ever wondered how often you've finished first or in second place? Is your friend more likely to overbid or underbid? Oh Hell! Wizard keeps a permanent record of each player’s performance and displays individual or comparative charts. Now you'll really know which one of you or your friends is the best Oh Hell player!

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About the Oh Hell Card game

Oh Hell! is an addictive bidding and trick-taking card game for 3 to 8 players in which you have to guess, at the beginning of each round, the number of tricks you’ll be able to win. At each round, the number of cards dealt to the players is increased or decreased by one. A typical game would consist in 19 rounds going from a 1-card round gradually up to a 10-card round, and back down to 1. The game is usually played with a trump.

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