Office Stickman Rush

Hurry – Mr. Stickman is late for the office and he needs your help to get there!

Office Stickman Rush is a simple and addicting game that’s fun for all ages. Help your stickman get to work on time. But watch out, it’s a jungle out there – there’s a lot that stands between him and the office!

Can you make your way through the big city successfully? Think you got the skills to collect those coins? The game will start moving faster and faster, so watch out for those obstacles!

Collect enough coins and you can unlock even cooler ways for Mr. Stickman to rush off to work!

*** FEATURES ***

* Incredible endless gameplay means a new game every time
* Collect coins to unlock more characters
* Simple game controls good for both kids and adults
* Amazing graphics
* Game Center enabled
* Universal app supports iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Download Office Stickman Rush right now!

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