Office Dance

Dance the night away working peeps!

This is the Super Ultra Parody game to release all the stress you’ve got from work!


WARNING: No presidents or executives are allowed to download this game!

‘Office Dance’ is a suspenseful addictive game where you own the dance floor secretly from your boss.

Billions of Worldwide downloaders expected

There is no parody game beyond this.

Simple operation! Intense stimulation! Suspenseful addiction!

Super flawless celebrity parody!

Appstore Blockbuster containing comedy and horror

1. Press -> Dances
2. Hands off the keys –> Stops dancing

1. Employee-Rookie
2. Assist. Manager-Bora
3. Manager-Rock Black
4. Guard-Zelvis
5. Team Manager-Beyounce
6. Supplies-I’m chair
7. Marketing Manager-?
8. Managing Director-?
9. CEO-?

● Top Celebrities’ characters dancing to the hottest hits
● Simple operation, intense tension, overloading addiction all played in a short time, uses up less battery power too!

● Super item effects
● 3 languages provided (English, Korean, Japanese)

This is perfect as it is so there is absolutely NO need for updates or bug modification. Please do not send emails or leave comments.

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