Office Combat

Office Combat is an exciting and unique new online multiplayer strategy game.  You can face off against your friends, or test your skills against another member of the community.

Office Combat’s gameplay will immediately remind you of your favorite tower defense games, but that’s just the starting point.  Rather than just defending against mindless waves of enemies, your opponent will be choosing which enemies attack your base, and you’ll be doing the same to him.  Will you spend your resources setting up an unbreakable defensive line, or take a gamble and press your opponent with an all-out attack?  Make the tough choices and test your strategic thinking.

– Play against another player online, or duel your friend by handing the phone back and forth
– A turn can be completed in just a minute or two, so Office Combat is a multiplayer game without a big time commitment. 
– Turns are automatically exchanged between the players over the Internet.
– Optional push notification automatically lets you know when it’s time to play your next turn.
– Players may choose an opponent from their friends list, or may choose to be matched up against another player automatically.
– Keeps track of your win/loss record and other stats.

Office Combat is most fun when playing against a friend, so let them know about the game and start playing today!

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