Off My Nuts

Off My Nuts is your ticket out of the boredom in your life!

As the new squirrel in the neighbourhood, all you want is a few golden nuts to see you through the winter. Unfortunately all of the other animals are determined to steal them from you. Time to start throwing things at animals! The big ones might even drop some golden nuts for you and make your day!

Off My Nuts is a fun, simple, addictive game that will make you smile from start to finish!

– 28 stages of nut throwing mayhem
– Unlockable bonus levels
– 7 different locations, from the back garden to outer space
– Bash animals ranging from house cat to Super Frog
– More levels in the future via updates
– Lots of fun and thrill


“This is the best thing ever, omg” – SuperFrog
“Yep” – the squirrel

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