Meet OddBlob: the groovy clay dude who loves to bounce! Help OddBlob bound across the squishy maze to grab bonuses, chomp fruit, and win points as quickly as he can as the chasing tiles disappear behind. Watch out for bounce and double bounce tiles that can help you reach your goal or throw you through the gaps to impending peril below! Cake slices earn you a try at the cake or doom mini-puzzle, the more bounces you make to get the cake, the bigger the bonus!


• 2 fun game modes: Panic – make your way across the level as the disappearing tiles chase you across the board, and Strategy – select the best route collecting as many points as you can along the way!
• OddBlob has been lovingly created entirely of clay – each colorful tile, fruit, planet, and cake was created by hand!
• Animated clay backgrounds with planets and shooting stars, fluffy clouds, and gloopy swamps
• 4 levels of difficulty
• Groovy music soundtrack
• Includes fun awards and achievements.
• Suitable for kids and adults too!

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