Odd Squad

Create your own Odd Squads and lead them into battle against your friends in this fun, quirky, and deep strategy game! Collect all the Oddities to create the best squad for your strategy.

Welcome to Odd Squad, a strange and hilarious world full of everything from grumpy wizards, death rays, and teleporters, to potions, treasure chests, and mysterious turbans. Start with a mighty collection of Oddities and earn others through glory and wit on the battlefield.


– Easy to play and learn
– Deep strategy to master
– Challenge your friends or random opponents
– Unique and quirky art style
– Funny Oddities like “Murderous Medic” and “Wall of Annoyance”
– Random battlefields for endless variation
– A powerful starter collection
– Collect more Oddities to open up new strategies
– Design different squads for different styles of play
– Game Center and iCloud

Download now to start exploring the odd world of Odd Squad!

Find us on twitter at @FireStickGames for updates and to chat with the creators!

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