Octopus Magician

A long time ago, a talented human mage evil dark spirit shaman framed, turned into a small octopus trapped in the ancient ruins of the deep sea. And subject to the curse can not swim. But the good news is that part of the magic of the Master also can be mixed into the bubble to use. The persistence of war on the ground, while the octopus is the key to success of war. You need to lift the layers of trapped octopus seal rescue the octopus to escape from the deep-sea.

Game features: new play, easy operation, a number of interesting points, and a rich system of props synthesis system and magic skills. If the clearance something more to say it does not matter, there are unlimited levels are waiting for you to challenge. And unlimited checkpoint props are free to use, oh!

How to play: Each magic bubble corresponds to a the seal stone statue of the same color, operate the magic bubble to continue to crack down on the stone, the stone Back until you lift the seal. After the success of our small octopus mage can go up one level. The magic bubbles can be upgraded two a bubble of the same color can be combined into a two bubble. 2 bubbles with a bubble can be synthesized as a three bubbles. The upgrade bubble magic will become more powerful! You up to 8 magic bubble the useless bubble can be broken by double-clicking point, or throw a screen to eliminate it. The octopus Master replenish new magic bubble. Rational use of these magic bubbles to help the octopus the Master escape from the deep sea, to lift the curse!
    Good luck to you!

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